The Tibetan healing touch

Herbal Therapy

The City has always had space for different forms and types of medical practices. One such practice that is catching on is the Tibetan treatment, called Sowa Rigpa, meaning science of healing. For nearly nine years, Dr Jampa Yonten has been providing therapeutic services and treatments at the ‘Tibetan Healing and Wellness Center’ on Rest House Road and at

Very similar to Ayurveda, the treatment too is an ancient practice that is herbal in nature. “All of the herbs are collected from the Himalayas and the medicine is made in Dharamshala,” says Jampa, who has been practising since 1998. Tibetan medicine is recommended for chronic diseases such as gastritis, asthma, arthritis, obesity, nervous disorder, stress etc. Along with herbal treatments, traditional massage, hair loss therapy, facial treatment and medicinal bath are offered. “We treat the patient only after talking to them, checking their pulse and the body language. We also offer different kind of massages and therapies that are very helpful and with no side-effects,” he adds.

Tibetan Healing and Wellness Center is located at Indo-Dubai Plaza, Rest House Road and Tibet Mall, 2nd floor, near Jyoti Nivas College, Koramangala. For details, call 65990869 or 25521135.

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