Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Best friends Vicky (Hall) and Cristina (Johansson) are poles apart when it comes to love. Vicky believes she knows what she wants and is doing research on Catalan even as she prepares for her wedding to the man of her dreams Doug (Messina). And Cristina is not sure of what to do after making a 12-minute film. She tries her hand in photography.

But the two friends have one thing in common – they are smitten and seduced by a just-divorced Spanish artist Juan Antonio (Bardem) when on holiday in Barcelona.  
Antonio sleeps with both women but he still has a soft corner for his wild and beautiful ex-wife Maria (Cruz). Vicky turns cautious of Antonio, while Cristina follows him to his house. But when Antonio takes Maria in again after she tries to kill herself and after a brief spell of three-some lovemaking, the room begins to turn smaller.

This complicated and high-risk experiment on finding the perfect element in love is certainly one of the best from director Woody Allen’s genre of film-making. Classic film editing styles of fade-ins and fade-outs are incorporated with an appropriately timed voiceover narration.
The film is a witty take on love, lust, and marriage in sunny Barcelona. The stars are beautiful and their performances are naturally good enough for Allen and young adults. Johansson is sweetly innocent while Cruz turns impeccably hot to be forgotten.

‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ is definitely an intelligent film based on the continuous process of learning how to be ‘in love’ and not ‘out of love’.

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