A treat for the eyes

A treat for the eyes

Christmas Decorations

A treat for the eyes

One of the best parts about Christmas — for adults and children alike — is the decoration. Around this time of the year, shops and markets stock up on attractive trinkets and baubles, multi-coloured and scalloped Christmas stars, figurines and tinsel for trees and even wreaths of holly and cherries.

Many families make an entire production out of the process of decorating; they set aside a day to buy new trinkets and go over the ones they already one, select the best and then festoon them on their trees as well as across their homes.

Although it’s always fun to pick up new ornaments, most Bangaloreans have old ones which they’ve saved over the years, bringing them out year after year as a present reminder that Christmas is almost here.

Sowmya, a professional, says, “Most of our decorations were bought long back. We
save them up each year for the next. But of course, we do have some additions — some people buy lovely ornaments in the US and send them back, for instance. Also, many of the small shops in the City stock little trinkets like gift boxes for trees, candy-canes, wreaths of mistletoe and miniature Santas.”

She also does a lot of her Christmas shopping at Commercial Street, where she says stalls selling decorations spring up every festive season. “There are great items there — especially for Christmas trees. We also make a crib every year, which we decorate with a homegrown ragi plant. Some people also pick up readymade mangers — although a lot of others enjoy building them themselves,” she adds.

Nina George, a human resource recruiter, is also fairly passionate about putting up her Christmas decorations — in fact, her trinkets are made at home, and generally out of recycled matter. “Every year, we decorate our church with eco-friendly decorations, which we also put up at home. We try not to use the conventional items found in shops; instead, we convert old stuff into trinkets. For instance, we cut used soft-drink bottles into flowers or shred paper in the place of snow on the tree. We also cut long strips of paper for tinsel and colour newspaper which we tie into bows,” she explains.

Sharon, a student, is also quite enthusiastic about her Christmas decorations. While her family does save some of their favourites over the years, she adds that she does pick up interesting trinkets which she sees in the market.

“One of the best places to buy Christmas decorations is Commercial Street,” she says, adding, “another place I tend to frequent is Ibrahim Sahib Street, which is just behind Commercial Street. There are lots of innovative items there — plenty of colourful streamers and lights; that is, not just the plain bulbs but pretty lights in the shape of flowers, and some gorgeous cherry lamps. What’s more, you get them at really reasonable prices.”