Navy band evokes patriotic feelings

Navy band evokes patriotic feelings

Captivating show : Marching tunes and instrumental pieces were played at the Navy Ball celebrations

Navy band evokes patriotic feelings

It was a memorable evening for Bangaloreans when the 18-member band of the Indian Navy, from Karwar, performed at the Cubbon Park as part of the ‘Navy Ball Celebrations 2012’. The performance evoked patriotic sentiments among the listeners.

The conductor of the show, chief navy musician Deepak Amonkar, did a good job. The host of the show too pepped up the crowd. The performance began with a popular marching band piece as the audience clapped along with the music. The next piece was an instrumental piece — a Hindi melody called Pukarta Chala Hoon Main.

N Seshadrinath, director, head quarters technical group informs that the motive behind conducting this programme within the public purview was to spread awareness in the City about Indian Navy.

“As Bangalore is a land area, there is hardly any awareness regarding the Indian Navy and how things function, and the duties and the privileges. This musical band performs regularly. As the ships sail through various countries, the band has to play the national anthem of every country that it passes through and hence it is well equipped,” he says.

Next in line was the current favourite Pani da Rang, which was sung by Amit Verma, followed by some old songs by Virender Thapa on the saxophone. As the evening progressed, more people turned up for the programme. Neha, a college student, found the band pretty good.

“I was taking a stroll in the park when I heard some music. That is when I came here and saw that
the band  performing. It was quite a surprise for me as this is the first time that I have seen men in uniform performing. They played some hit numbers and all of us enjoyed it,” she says.
The band also performed at other places in the City, for instance on MG Road. Former officers of the Indian Navy were seen encouraging youth to enrol in the services.

Manoharan, a former officer in the Indian Navy, interacted with young people and informed them about the service and the honour
attached with Indian Navy.