Shortage of power affects drinking water

The demand is 120 mega watt and supply is only 60 to 80 mega watt

Along with scarcity of drinking water, Birur is facing shortage of electricity.

Kadur-Birur have been reeling under drought situation for the last two years. The open wells and borewells have gone dry.

The authorities are finding it difficult to supply water to the cattle as well. Thimmapura Gram panchayat has been facing acute shortage of water for the last one year.

Villagers said “What should we do without electricity? When there is electricity, we along with children come near the water tap to collect water. If we fail to reach, we will not even get a pot of water. All the crops have started drying. Even if we have electricity, then there is no water in borewell.

Four borewells were drilled recently. However, we could not get water,” they said. “As borewells have gone dry, even with electricity we can not supply water to our farm land. Elected representatives do not have time to think of us.”

“We get electricity in three phase. Should we collect water for drinking or supply water to the crops when we have electricity,” they asked.

Birur Mescom junior engineer Chandrashekar said “the electricity is supplied from Byagedahalli feeder. Our demand is 120 mega watt. However, only 60 to 80 watt electricity is supplied so far. There is load shedding for six hours in rural areas.

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