Rare celestial phenomenon from today

A rare celestial phenomenon is awaiting the people across the world for the next three days as planets Venus, Saturn and Mercury will make a ramp show alongside the crescent moon in the eastern sky in between 5.45 to 6 am.

Poorna Prajna College Amateur Astronomers Club and Poorna Prajna College Physics Department HoD Dr A P Bhat told Deccan Herald that it is a very rare occasion in which all the three planets are visible.

The phenomenon will be there nearly for three days. Usually planets will not be together. However, the next three days will be a feast to the sky gazers. Especially, on Wednesday and Thursday morning, crescent moon will look more unique and bright with the company of all these three planets.

They come nearer to earth, he added.Generally, Saturn is 125 crores kms away from the earth. Mercury is nine crores kms away and Venus is four crores kms away from the earth respectively.

Moon is 384000 kms far from earth. Bhat said “Saturn is a big planet, however it seems to be of similar size of other planets when gazed from earth which is not true," he added.

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