Songs of the season

Songs of the season

Cadence 2012

Songs of the season

What was Christmas like back in the 60s? This was the question that most people had on their minds when they arrived for ‘Cadence 2012’, a musical evening by the Harmony Children’s Choir conducted by Sandra Oberoi at the Jyoti Nivas College

   Follow the theme, ‘Christmas in the 60s’, the evening saw many families in the City come dressed in the style of that era.

One got to see long floral-printed frocks, big bows, high-waisted pants, sharply-dressed men in suits and even little girls with frilly frocks and bow hair-bands.

Even inside the auditorium, the ambience was very Christmas-like.

Songs of the season were being played and the decorations on the stage transported one to the 60s as well.

And like always, there was a cause behind the concert.

This year, the concert raised funds for Swanthana, a home for mentally and physically-challenged girl children.

 “It was a really noble cause and the group performing is also very talented — so one wouldn’t mind paying to watch these tiny tots perform,” says Esther, who
had come with her family to watch the concert.

The evening had a special act as well — the compere acted like a music lover of the 60s, coming across a band called ‘Cadence’ performing on a street; he waits to hear what they have to offer.

The evening included classics like ‘Gloria, Gloria’, ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time’, ‘Jingle Bell Rock’, ‘Glory’,‘I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas’, ‘The True Spirit of Christmas’, ‘Drummer Boy’, ‘Jolly Old St Nicholas’, ‘Christmas in About Three Minutes’ and many more.

The concert also had many other attractions, including a first-of-its-kind Children’s Handbell Choir, the Boomwhacker Ensemble and a string ensemble.

“I really enjoyed the handbell choir. It was very different and not something one gets to see in Bangalore,” says Suma, a member of the audience.

No doubt, it was the children who stole the show. The audience was spellbound by the enthusiasm and talent that was presented on stage.