High drama at ZP meeting; members spar

 High drama was witnessed at zilla panchayat hall in the city on Thursday when Congress members staged a walk out alleging derogatory remarks by a fellow member but of Janata Dal (Secular).

Former ZP president and incumbent member Suneetha Veerappa Gowda demanded the house to resolve on the low quality bicycles distributed to the school students in the district.

Irked opposition leader K Maruti of Congress demanded for a resolution on the State government releasing Cauvery river water that has put the farmers of Mandya and also of Mysore in a fix. Suneetha who was not ready to pave way, instead blamed Congress of having internal understanding with the ruling BJP government in the State.

“If your (Congress) party really had respect the legislators should have stayed away from the assembly session at Belgaum. It would be unfair to discuss Cauvery issue”, mocked Suneetha Veerappagowda enraging Congress members.

The Congress members demanded her to withdraw the very word and also apologise, before staging a walk out. 


This resulted in peace reigning over the hall for 45 minutes.Sensing further trouble, ZP president Ka Pu Siddaveerappa pacified the irate members and succeeded in resuming the business, but it was for sometime.

‘Lack of respect’

Suneetha who continued with her talk said “I just mentioned about lack of respect”, and I’m helpless if you prefixed ‘maana’ (honour) for that. However, I will apologise even then if I have caused pain, said Suneetha.

This led to a drama further with Congress members led by Maruthi, Pushpalatha Amarnath, Shivanna, Nandini Chandrashekar among several others claiming that they couldn’t hear her apologise and continued to stage a dharna.

Suneetha who was visibly tired by then, lightly banged her head on the table and also apologised with folded hands to the convenience of Congress members who smiled in acceptance.

With this curtains fell on the whole drama and the meeting was resumed.
Vice-president Suchitra, CEO Dr Ajay Nagabushan were present.

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