Karnataka champs

Karnataka clinched the overall team championship title for the fifth straight time at the Canara Bank National tenpin bowling championships  on Sunday.

Karnataka topped the table with 40 points while Delhi bagged the second place with 17 points. Tamil Nadu took the third place with 12 points. 

Karnataka ended their campaign on a high note as they came from behind to beat Tamil Nadu and claim the Mixed Team of Five title for the first time.
Trailing their neighbours by 27 points on Saturday, the team spearheaded by Prathima Hegde and comprising Huned Khokar, Girish Gabba, Akaash Kumar and Pervez Ahmed, tallied a total of 5738 pinfalls. 

Tamil Nadu team consisting of Shabbir Dhankot, KC Senthil K, Saveena S, Rajmohan P, G Dinesh lost the battle in the last two games finishing 30 pins behind the hosts at 5708 pinfalls.

The Delhi team of Dhruv Sarda, Sarabjit Singh, Anuradha Sarda, NP Singh and Sheikh Abdul Hamid settled for the third spot at 5586 pinfalls.  
The Karnataka bowlers were elated with their show. “Although we have been overall champions, this is the first time that we are winning the team gold which is prestigious, it’s a great feeling,’’ Prathima said.

Results: Mixed Team of Five: Karnataka (Huned Khokar, Girish Gabba, Akaash Ashok Kumar, Pervez Ahmed, Prathima Hegde) 5738 pins, 1; T N (Shabbir Dhankot, KC Senthil K, Saveena S, Rajmohan P, G Dinesh) 5708 pins, 2; Delhi 5586 pins, 3.

All Events: Men: Dhruv Sarda (Del) 4995 pinfalls, 1; Shabbir Dhankot (TN) 4820, 2; Akaash Ashok Kumar (Kar) 4741, 3.
Women: Prathima Hegde (Kar) 4466, 1; Sabeena Saleem (TN) 4389, 2; Aishwarya Rao (Kar) 4259, 3.

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