People's Problems

Footpath out of bounds for pedestrians

Now that BBMP has decided to demolish the vegetable market next to Seshadripuram police station, they have started constructing many cement sheds on the footpath next to the park.

As it stands, the whole road is congested with vehicles of collegegoers  and also thousands of students use the pavement which is right in front of college. The bus stop is also situated here. The BBMP has already constructed temporary sheds for the displaced vendors next to the Seshadripuram police station and this is now lying in disuse.

Under such circumstances the construction of more sheds on the footpath is inexplicable. There is also a bus stop right opposite.

The condition is very bad at Swastik Circle where Trinity Hotel has converted the footpath into parking lot.

The traffic police do not initiate any action on vehicles parked on footpaths. This has rendered footpath out of bound for pedestrians.

An affected senior citizen

Siddaiah Puranik Road in tatters

The authorities do not seem to realise the urgency of repairing the stretch of Siddaiah Puranik Road in Basaveshwara Nagar that connects Pavithra Paradise Signal and KHB Colony Signal (Magadi Road junction). The road is dotted withpotholes containing loose gravel, which have made the road difficult to navigate. The authorities have been asked to fix the roblem.


Ban eateries on roadside

Mushrooming of petty eateries on roadside pavements are on the rise in and around Bangalore. Such eateries occupy the space meant for pedestrians.

These cheap restaurants are crowded by people visiting them. The crowds block the platform laid for pedestrians and consequently pedestrians are forced to walk on the roads risking their lives amidst vehicular traffic.

All eateries should be removed from pavements and fresh ones coming up be prevented at all costs since they not only are a bane to pedestrians but also are making the public roads dirty and marshy with the water used for washing.

H Narayanan, No. 50,
LIG III Stage, B-Sector,
Yelahanka New Town

Riding on footpath

Any number of motorbikes and scooters are seen riding on footpaths which meant for people to walk on during peek hours. Many of them —  water tankers, trucks come head on, on one-way roads on Old Airport — Varthur Road, for short cut and take turns where they should not. Children and senior citizens find it very difficult to cross the roads and the absence of traffic cops only compounds the problem. The authorities should take necessary steps before an accident occurs.

A Kumar

Introduce city bus service

The HMT watch factory has many high rise apartments like Tata Housing, Prestige Apartment, Brigade Courtyard, ISRO staff quarters, Income Tax employees’ colony, etc consisting of more than 3,000 families. But there is no direct bus from ISRO quarters to City market, Rajajinagar and airport.

Some residents have forwarded a request through a minister here, but nothing has happened. I do not know why the BMTC is neglecting this area which potentially a revenue spinner. I hope the BMTC will consider this request at least now.

Flat 1C Polaris,
Aquila Heights,
27 HMT Factory
Main Road, Jalahalli
Bangalore North

Vacant sites turning landfill

A vacant site on 3rd Main First Cross in KR Puram is being used as a dumping ground for garbage by local people. The Palike has not provided a dust bin despite repeated requests and residents have been compelled to throw trash in the open. The BBMP should take steps to provide a dust bin at the earliest.

Janakiraman R,
3rd Main, 1st Cross,
Govt College Road,
KR Puram

Construct underpass at Kodigehalli Junction

Pedestrians crossing the Bellary Road at Kodigehalli Junction are under the great risk of being hit by vehicles moving at reckless speeds.   There are no traffic police in the early hours or late night prompting the drivers to totally disregard the traffic signals. Pedestrians are seen running for life while crossing this wide six-lane road. It is high time authorities construct a pedestrian underpass at this junction to avoid loss of innocent lives on the road.

K N Muralidharan,
‘Vatika,’ 1819/4  ‘C’ block,

Garbage dump on road

Garbage has been dumped to half the width of the road on 6th Main of Prakash Nagar. The garbage trucks block the road in the morning leading to more chaos.  The authorities may please be advised to shift the place of dumping garbage to a location where the road is wider and does not cause inconvenience to road users.

Vishwanatha V, ‘Vihita,’ 618/G, 2nd Cross,
26th Main, Nandini Layout

The site meant for a post office on Second Cross, near ESI Hospital in Thyagarajanagar 3rd Block has turned into a dump yard. Dumping of garbage on the site has led to the menace of rodents and a stinking smell pervades the whole  area. The matter was brought to the notice of the Palike and the superintendent of post offices, Jayanagar, but to no avail. With the threat of dengue and other diseases looming large, the civic agency should act at the earliest to check the menace.

Prahalad D G

Both the sides of roads in NGEF Layout, Nagarabhavi are filled with garbage. The roads are also not cleaned daily by the BBMP.  The garbage is lying uncleared for the past three months and is continuing to be piled up

A R Navalgund,
#35, 3rd Main,
10th Cross, NGEF Layout, Nagarbhavi

Illegal parking on road

The entire stretch of Rustam Bagh Main Road is a 'no parking' zone but vehicles, (mostly mini-buses hired by the Manipal Hospital to transport their staff) continue to be parked near the entrance to the Road obstructing  traffic. The traffic police do not seem mindful of this illegal parking — especially in the evenings. Could something be done to stop this menace which has become a hindrance to pedestrians and motorists?

V Padmanabhan, 202,
Sri Krishna Apartments,
Rustam Bagh Main Road

Missing manhole lid

The lid of the manhole on second main road, GM Palya has slid inside after a water tanker ran over it.

It has already been 15 days since a complaint was made on the BWSSB helpline. Corporator Sumitra Vijayakumar who lives next door was shown the photograph of the near open manhole and she promised action within 24 hours.

However nothing has been done. The manhole poses threat to neighbourhood children who play in the area. Early action is required before a tragedy occurs.

Arvind Kumar

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