'I work out to stay fit'

Varied Roles

'I work out to stay fit'

Raghu Mukherjee will be seen playing the role of a Brahmin boy in his next film, titled Apnadesh. “A lot of people have asked me if this is a Hindi movie and I tell them that it’s a Kannada movie, with a Hindi title. I’ve never really asked the director why it is titled so — but nevertheless, I think it is an attractive title,” says Raghu.

Raghu says Apnadesh is about tribal communities living in the Malnad areas, who are forced to serve and work under the Brahmin community.

“It’s about how Brahmins have a say in everything and the tribals are sidelined. Girish Karnad plays the role of my father and that of a village chief. I play an educated young man with a deep interest in literature,” Raghu tells Metrolife. 

Raghu adds that the plot of the movie takes a twist when the character he plays opposes the existing order and tries to bring about some changes. “The young man is educated and tries to bring in some sanity. But, he faces the wrath of the villagers and has to deal with Naxals as well. His fight for justice doesn’t go down well with a lot of people, who don’t want to accept change,” he adds.   
The storyline, informs Raghu, comes from the director’s own experience. The
director has worked in the Malnad region and is familiar with the people and the issues hounding that place. “The locations we have shot in are a real treat for the eyes. The biggest advantage in the film are the locations,” adds Raghu. 
Raghu also has his hands full with Meenakshi, opposite Shubha Punja, in which he plays a lover boy — but with grey shades to his character. “The movie is all about the real-estate mafia and I have a two-shaded character in the film. I thoroughly enjoy doing such roles,” he notes. 

But what Raghu is most thrilled about is his cop’s role in Akramana, which is entirely shot in 3D format. “This is the first time I am playing a cop and I must say that I feel like a real cop when I slip into the uniform. I work out to stay fit and now, I’ve grown a moustache for the role,” he shares.
Raghu says that he recently shot in a college and there were a lot of onlookers who refused to believe that it was him. “I was wondering how I would pull off a moustache because people aren’t used to seeing me with one. But it’s a nice change,” he wraps up.

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