Erring Chinese firms may face action

The government on Wednesday informed the Rajya Sabha that action would be initiated against dumping of goods by nations like China if a complaint is made with documentary proof that such imports were hurting domestic industry.

Minister of State for Commerce and Industry D Purandareswari informed the House during the question hour that as a signatory of the World Trade Organisation, India can resort to anti-dumping actions, anti-subsidies and countervailing measures and emergency protection from imports.

But "there a complaint needs to be lodged with proof that industry has been affected," she said.

Under the three agreements, action can be taken against dumping (selling at an unfairly low price), subsidies and special countervailing duties to offset the subsidies and emergency measures to limit imports temporarily to safeguard domestic industries.

"There are provisions available for action to be initiated against dumping," she said. "Since 2009, adverse effect of large imports from China on domestic industry has been established in two cases of rubber related products/inputs based on investigation and safeguard duty imposed," she said.

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