Homemade Christmas goodies


Christmas is just around the corner and people are making all out efforts to enjoy the day. The community members of the City are all geared up to celebrate Christmas with various homemade delicacies and goodies.

The most common ones are ofcourse plum cakes and rum cakes. Kshipra Simon, a freelance photographer, who is from Mussoorie and stays in Delhi, will be joining her parents soon. She is excited to share her plans for Christmas. “I will be going there soon but before that I am planning to make rum cakes, doughnut and santa shaped doughnut too at home.”

“At my native place, my mother makes all kinds of cakes. You name it and you have it. She will also make pakoras, stuffed items, grilled potatoes. In desserts she will make tarts, apple stuffed with cream and fruits, etc. So, mine will totally be a sinful
indulgence this time.”

A special Christmas meal is traditionally an important part of the celebration and the food that is served varies from region to region. A standard Christmas meal includes turkey or goose, meat, gravy, potatoes, vegetables and sometimes bread. Special desserts are also prepared such as pudding, mince pies and fruit cake.

Shanyo Shirok, who hails from Manipur and studies in Delhi,  says  “We have our celebration which varies from tribe to tribe. Some tribes cook dogs and some goats. Various types of cakes and doughnut are common among all.”

Christians in India decorate banana or mango trees instead of traditional pine tree. They also light small

oil-burning lamps and decorate churches with red flowers. As part of their celebration, they also present gifts to their family members. People decorate their homes and churches with flowers for the midnight mass.

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