Crop loss in Bijapur pegged at Rs 850 cr

Crop loss in Bijapur pegged at Rs 850 cr

Crops destroyed near Nada B K in Sindhagi taluk. dh photo

Onions, groundnuts, banana, tur dal crop have been completely destroyed.
Earlier, the failure of monsoon had also led to a crop loss of Rs 600 crore in the district. Undaunted by this, the farmers in Bijapur undertook Rabi sowing in 2.95 lakh hectare of land. Moreover, the farmers had sown tur dal in 1.19 lakh hectare of land, as its price has reached Rs 100 a kilo. Similarly, bajra, groundnut, cotton were sowed in 70,268 ha, 47,522 ha and 3,027 ha of land respectively.

But the recent floods completely washed away the seeds, rendering the condition of farmers in the district highly pitiable. Even land surrounding Talikote village have been completely destroyed.

Malkappa Beeranahalli of Teggihalli in Indi taluk lamented: “Cotton and tur dal that I had sown in three acres of land has been completely washed away in the floods. I was expecting a profit of Rs 50,000, but now I stand to lose even the Rs 15,000 that I had invested in sowing.”

Crop loss owing to floods has dealt a severe blow to the financial status of the farmers.