Stay safe this New Year's Eve

Restaurants and pubs in the City claim that they have enough security in place to ensure that it’s a hassle-free sail into the New Year.

A view of the pubs on Brigade Road decked for the New Year.

But regular pub-goers don’t seem to be convinced about their claim. Metrolife speaks to a few owners and pub hoppers to understand what security measures are in place this New Year’s Eve.

Pubs and restaurants across the City claim that they will have an additional fleet of bouncers and extra cameras installed at the entrances and inside their establishments. People will be frisked for any objectionable material. Even women carrying large bags will not be spared, say pub owners. 

Michael N Babu of Skyye Bar, UB City, says that in addition to the security deployed at the entrance of the mall, people entering the bar will be thoroughly checked. “There are five cameras in all — three outside and two inside. We usually have two bouncers and this New Year’s Eve, we will have an additional four bouncers to check people for any objectional material that they may be carrying,” explains Michael. He adds, “We are also contemplating the need to replace glasses with plastic tumblers, lest someone goes overboard. People who are found misbehaving will be thrown out.”

J Pushparaj, the manager of Le Rock Pub and Cafe on Brigade Road, informs that the pub has three levels and each will be equipped with a camera. “The movement inside the pub will be monitored through CCTVs. Suspected underage girls and boys will be checked for identity proof and women with big bags will be checked for carrying any unwanted stuff,” says Pushparaj.

People at large feel that there must be more stringent rules — not just to prevent underage drinking, but also to make sure that women are safe and hooligans don’t enter pubs to make most of the party mood.    

DJ Clitus, who performs in some of the pubs and is a regular party-goer, says that pubs in the City don’t have enough security in place. “The cops make a lot of money on New Year’s Eve, but I don’t think there is any serious security in pubs. We’ve moved the party scene to the outskirts of the City and we’ve even offered women, who want to party safe, an option for pick-up and drop. For bulk bookings, we offer a bigger transportation option,” says Clitus.

Jasmeet Singh, another party-goer, feels that hotels have enough security in the form of extra bouncers and metal detectors. “Women are given priority and any complaint registered by them is taken seriously. There are a few hotels that have designated areas only for women,” he says.
But Shahzan Khan, a young professional, has a different opinion. She points out, “As a woman, I don’t think there’s enough checking in pubs. Just about anyone is let in. It’s the only time of the year when pub owners can make money — why would they curb that?”

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