'Avarekai Parishe' from January 3

Avarekai lovers and foodies can soon dig into delicious dishes made of flat beans such as ‘Hidukida Bele Payasa’, ‘Mosaru Kodbale’, ‘Avarekai Sambhar’, ‘Masala Vada’, ‘Avarekai soanpapdi’ and ‘jamoons’ among others. More than 40 items made of the beans will be on display at the ‘Avarekai Parishe’ set to begin on January 3.

Unique features of the annual 11-day bean fest this year will be ‘Avarekai Paddu’ and ‘Baked Nippattu’, prepared by experts for the fitness-conscious, said K S Geetha Shivakumar, proprietor of Vasavi Condiments and Food Court, which will host the event.

More than 40 farmers from Magadi, Kanakpura and other places will take part, she added.

However, the price has doubled to Rs 400 a kg for fried averekai from Rs 280 last year. While soaked (raw) avarekai will cost Rs 100 to Rs 120 per litre and the cashew mix Rs 500 a kg. Crop failure due to scanty rainfall in the last few months has led to the rise in price, Geetha clarified.

Chickpet MLA Hemachandra Sagar will inaugurate the event which will be open between 11 am and 10 pm. Details can be had on phone: 9632544801/9945341619.   

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