Anger turns into compassion

Anger turns into compassion

Anger turns into compassion

Protests against the gang-rape of the 23-year-old continued on Sunday at Jantar Mantar here, despite the authorities blocking roads and suspending metro trains. Mourners from different sections of society gathered at Jantar Mantar braving the cold.

The victim’s death has turned protesters’ anger into compassion. The protest which started around a fortnight ago has matured into, what can be termedcompassion.

A placard puts the mood eloquently: “Respect humanity. Real men respect women, they do not rape or molest.”

Some protesters are still raising slogans demanding capital punishment for rapists, they too are bowing down to the bravery of the departed soul with the sense of loss which reminds death of someone from the family...”Hum sharminda hain.” (We are ashamed).

Candle light vigil

The candle light vigil which has been continuing since Saturday evening has turned to a collective introspection; “Ek lau kyon bujhi Jindgi kee( Why did a ray of life die down?), says a poster.

In the midst of a largely non-political protest, there is fierce but covert ideological war. A huge poster is there with all religious symbols to remind respect to all religions.

There were also some who were trying to perform the mourning in Hindu style. This war became overt when there were anti-Congress slogans from a group supposed to be supporters of the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad. 

Left-leaning organisations have all along been active to ask for changes in rape laws and empowerment of women. Women and student wings of the CPI, CPM and CPM-L have been articulating these demands.