Bangalore cops to keep New Year revellers on leash

Bangalore cops to keep New Year revellers on leash

Bangalore cops to keep New Year revellers on leash

 About 10,000 police personnel will patrol Bangalore to keep New Year revellers on the leash and to ensure the safety and security of people especially womenfolk.

“Senior police officials, including myself, will be patrolling well past midnight to maintain law and order and ensure citizens usher in the New Year joyfully and peacefully without causing any harm or inconvenience to others,” Bangalore Police Commissioner Jyotiprakash Mirji told IANS.

Though the annual fest is expected to be low key this time as thousands, including regular revellers, have resolved not to celebrate the event on a grand scale as a tribute to the Delhi gang-rape victim, police are not taking any chances.

“We are deploying about 10,000 personnel from 8 p.m. till early Tuesday and taking precautionary measures to regulate revellers, stop or divert vehicular traffic on many thoroughfares to prevent gridlocks and ban parking in and around the central business district areas,” Mirji said.

The traffic police has also decided to stop vehicular movement on all flyovers across the city from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Tuesday to prevent untoward incidents or mishaps due to rash or drunken driving.

“We are not against anyone celebrating New Year or partying on the occasion in private or
public places provided they do within the rule of law and not be a nuisance to others. Eve-teasing or ragging and rash or drunken driving will not be allowed at any cost,” Mirji asserted.

There will also be about 1,000 policemen in plainclothes who will take the rounds of downtown at parts of the suburbs.

“These men will be in private vehicles with video camera... We have installed closed-circuit television at traffic circles, shopping malls, cinemas and select public places,” Mirji said.
Assuring safety and security of women and girls, Mirji advised them not to travel alone and be aware of potential threats in poorly lit areas.

“As precaution is better, young women and girls should be alert and venture out only in the company of male relatives, friends and working colleagues in groups.
"We have told bars, pubs, restaurants and star hotels and IT-BT companies to have CCTVs in their premises," Mirji said.