Sangolli Rayanna Park renovated

Mayor appeals to Bangaloreans to segregate waste at source
Last Updated 06 January 2013, 18:58 IST

Mayor D Venkatesh Murthy has appealed to the people to segregate waste at source if they want to save the City from garbage menace.

Addressing people at the inauguration of renovated Sangolli Rayanna Park in Subramanyanagar in Malleswaram Assembly constituency Murthy said the BBMP is striving hard to retain the glory of Bangalore, which is now dented due to garbage problem.

“The garbage crisis has brought us disrepute across the globe. Not only the local and the national media, but the international newspapers and news channels also are blowing up the garbage crisis. It’s time we wake up and realise our responsibility,” he added.
‘Segregate waste’

Murthy appealed to the people to start segregating waste at source to reduce dependence on the landfills.

“We have to be sympathetic to the villagers living around the landfill sites. They are protesting against the garbage being dumped in their village, which has made their lives miserable. I appeal to you to segregate waste at source and avoid plastic. The segregated wet waste can revolutionise our lives by generating biogas, electricity and manure without any cost,” said Murthy.

Making an ardent appeal, Murthy said without people’s support, the City cannot be saved. “You should not be under the impression that running the City is the job of the BBMP alone. It’s your responsibility too,” said the Mayor.

Impressive park

The park has been renovated under the public-private partnership between the BBMP and the Brigade Gateway at a cost of Rs 1.75 crore. Spread in about ten acres of land, the park has artificial canals, artificial waterfall, a gazebo, rain water harvesting facilities, decorative lights along the walk way, a gymnasium etc.

Brigade Gateway is also developing a playground next to the park with an expenditure of another Rs 1.75 crore.

(Published 06 January 2013, 18:58 IST)

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