'More sensitivity needed'

'More sensitivity needed'

As a mark of solidarity, Kristu Jayanti College observed a candle light vigil to pay their respect and mourn the death of Delhi rape victim and sensitise the students about the same.

The vigil had not less than 3,500 students and among the faculty members were Fr Jose P J, principal and head, social work department; Fr Augustine, head, department of computer science; and Calistus Jude, staff

Talking about the initiative, Fr Augustine says, “The vigil was an attempt to sensitise the students about the issue and also educate them about the importance of mutual respect and gender sensitivity. We intend to hold frequent talks on the same topic not just for girls but the boys as well. Educating only the girls will not serve the purpose.”

While the students mourned the death of the rape victim, they felt that the law needed to deal with the accused in the harshest way.

Sunitha Joseph, a first-year student, says, “The people, especially the women, must be more vigilant and alert when they are out alone. Women must be treated with respect.” Micheal, another student, feels,  “More than the protests, what is needed is awareness and education on the gender issues. Women must be treated with respect and the fear of law must be instilled in people.”