A new beginning

A new beginning

There is something wonderful that marks the beginning to anything. Renewed enthusiasm, fresh hopes, wider outlook, brand-new optimism, newfound courage and added faith are just some of the magical ingredients that blend well for a new beginning.

Naturally then, it is built in human nature to look forward to something new that can act as a catalyst in keeping the pace of life’s journey swift and exciting. To meet this human need, the birth of a new year comes like a shot in the arm. It provides to all people that spark required to light up the fire of life that often dies due to disappointments, failures and troubles.

A New Year indeed ushers in a new life, a fresh start and opens many new avenues for growth, development and progress. Charles Lamb, the popular British essayist, famously said, “New Year’s Day is everyman’s birthday.”

It is true then that a new year is another chance open to all to realise unfulfilled dreams, explore new opportunities, take more risks and move closer to life’s larger goals with just the same eagerness of a new born child. It infuses newness into the monotony of life. It brings with it the simple fact that there is a new, undiscovered path that can be explored to reach any worthy destination. Like the rising sun that dispels the dark night, a new year is born to dispel the dark past. Mistakes, failures, bad experiences and bitter memories that stifle growth and cripple development take on a new meaning with the ringing in of a new year.

A new year comes, most of all, to let past regrets find their way into the passing year. Bygones can safely be buried as bygones after drawing from them valuable lessons and rich experiences. Old ways can be mended, new habits be formed and opportunities can be grabbed with every year that goes by and another that comes in. We will do well to welcome the New Year, to seize it and to embrace it with unwavering hope in all humankind and unshakable faith in a mighty God. “Bury the past and look ahead into the future,” is the wise advice of all great thinkers.

The words of William Arthur Ward, the author of ‘Fountains of Faith’ are both fitting and inspiring: “Another fresh new year is here, another year to live! To banish worry, doubt, and fear; to love, laugh and give! This bright New Year is given to live each day with zest; to daily grow and try to be my highest and my best! I have the opportunity once more to right some wrongs, to pray for peace, to plant a tree and sing more joyful songs!”