Rosaiah incurs people's wrath

Rosaiah incurs people's wrath

 “In fact, if I were in their place I would want to slap (officials) in the face,” he said. He however denied that stones were pelted at his car as was reported.

Chief Minister Rosaiah toured the affected districts from October 11, while water had receded by October 6 leaving a trail of devastation not seen earlier.

At several places the CM’s convoy was stopped by angry people who shouted anti-government and anti-CM slogans. In the worst affected Kurnool district, stones were pelted at his bus on Sunday. They reportedly hit the cars in which PCC president D Srinivas was traveling. In Vijayawada, Rosaiah was confronted by angry women who blocked his way. An angry Rosaiah cut short his visit when they refused to allow him to speak. Similarly on Tuesday, people in islands off Vijayawada literally gheraoed the CM’s car.

The police for security reasons did not allow the CM to get down from the car.
The complaints of the affected people are that they have not got any relief material or that the relief is inadequate. At some places, protestors demanded that the CM step out of his vehicle and see the reality of their miserable existence in their flooded villages.

 At other places, angry people questioned the CM why he had taken so long to visit them. At Avanigadda in Krishna district, an old woman shouted at the CM, “What should I do with your rice and kerosene oil when I don't have a single utensil in my house? Should I sprinkle the keorsene and set myself ablaze?" Having no answer, the CM quickly moved on.

The CM announced that the government would construct houses for those who lost hteir homes. This was Rosaiah's first visit to the districts after he took over as CM.

The people’s anger has been interpreted by some Congress leaders as ‘deliberate’ hinting that it was not genuine.

 PCC president D Srinivas said the stone pelting and the pro-YSR slogans were ‘provoked’ by a section that is supporting YSR’s son Y S Jagan as the next CM. This has been condemned by the Jagan supporters.