Now try aquarium therapy

Now try aquarium therapy

Stress Buster

Now try aquarium therapy

Ever wondered why every other doctor or dentist’s clinic has an aquarium? Also, why do hyperactive kids become surprisingly calm when brought before a fish tank? This is because fishes are not just another variety of pets, but keeping them at home has far greater benefits than that.

Studies have shown that aquariums have a soothing effect on our nerves. People who are provided with a fish tank display considerably lower levels of blood pressure, pulse rate, stress and anxiety. Patients who have undergone surgery require less pain medication after seeing fishes at work.

Similarly, watching the activities of fish calms down children who are suffering from hyperactivity disorder. When an aquarium is placed in the dining room of elderlies suffering from Alzheimer’s, they start eating more and require fewer supplements. No wonder, fish tanks are kept not only in doctors’ clinics but even waiting or interview rooms in offices.

Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist at VIMHANS says, “Both these elements - water and animals are known have a comforting effect. It is like listening to good music or watching a beautiful painting or photograph. It brings you peace.”

“Likewise, watching colourful fish move about in aquariums fascinates kids. They are so engrossed by the little creatures that they forget about their hyperactivity for a while.”

However, the benefits of aquariums, to kids especially, do not end at that. Starting up and then mainaining a fish tank can become a wonderful educational experience for them. Kids can be made to research which fishes to get for the aquarium and then what to feed them. They can also imbibe a sense of routine and discipline by taking on the work of feeding and maintaining them.

Further, you can let their imagination run wild while landscaping the aquarium. Several varieties of plantlife, rocks and other items for your fish to discover and hide in, are available in the market today. Kids have a whole canvas to fill up.

The room, where you place the aquarium, will become the centre of everyone’s attraction. It is like a piece of art but constantly changing, and its lighting creates a beautiful atmosphere especially when the rest of the room's lights are off.

Besides, guess what? You can transform your hobby into a business. You can start breeding your fish, which is far easier done with freshwater fishes than saltwater ones, and sell them. You can also sell your overgrown aquatic plants and give advise on maintaining aquariums to those neighbours who approach you for it. Isn’t that wonderful?