Education should be in tune with nation's goals: Kageri

Education should be in tune with nation's goals: Kageri

There is more to education than scoring marks and securing a job. What matters most is quality of education and how it contributes to nation building, said Primary and Secondary Education Minister Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri.

He was speaking to principals and teachers of various schools and institutes of higher education in the City on Thursday, after inaugurating the Indian Didactics Association (IDA) Connect - Education and Training Forum.

The minister pointed out that in countries like Japan and Korea, education was provided and structured keeping in view the larger goals of nation building.

However, if the same was practised in India and in the State, one is accused of encouraging saffronisation of textbooks, the minister said.

Minister for Higher Education C T Ravi, who also echoed the same views, stressed the active participation of private players in education.

Not undermining the government role, the minister said interference should be avoided as it
would harm innovation and stifle creative freedom, he said.