Rock from Finland

Rock from Finland

Music review

The Finish rock band, Poets of the Fall (POTF), present 11 new songs in their fifth studio album, Temple of Thought. POTF’s sound has been melodic with the striking voice of Marko, guitar works from Olli and Jaka, drums by Jari and lead by keyboardist Captain Markus.

The band has sustained its trademark sound with this new album. They have something in similar to other alternative rock bands, and yet they are different.

The clean guitar intros in most songs draw attention and there is variety in the percussion. The songs are mainly based on love and longing, and it goes well with their kind of music. The intro in the opener, Running Out Of Time, builds up into heavy guitar work, followed by Marko’s distinct vocals. The title track, Temple of Thought, is soft but energetic. Cradled In Love is a soft ballad with the story of a couple and the bond between them. While Kamikaze Love has good lyrics, powerful chorus and well-constructed instrumentation, The Lie Eternal begins with energetic percussion followed by Marko’s vocal wizardry that blends into the instrumentation.

Although Skin is a good song, there is nothing impressive to make it stand out. The Distance, however, is distinct with its fast-paced guitar rhythm and multi-layered instrumentation and impressive vocals. Show Me This Life, with its catchy lyrics and upbeat sound, is a trademark POTF, which reminds you of many of their previous compositions. Morning Tide  is about taking a journey in a boat across the sea, narrating the incidents that could occur during the voyage.

The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper is a ballad in the true sense, and is rhythmic. In his emotional vocals, Marko narrates the story of a man who fought for peace. Overall, it is a good album, with a decent mixture of compositions and a few potential hits.