Fleeing burglar falls to death

Fleeing burglar falls to death

A Nepali man was killed when he fell from the seventh floor of an apartment when he tried to escape from a flat which he intended to burgle at Old Airport Road on Sunday.

He has been identified as Dhoola, 32. According to the police, the flat owner Sanjay Bajaj had gone to Goa along with his wife some 20 days ago. When the couple returned on Sunday afternoon, they were shocked to see the front door open. 

They spotted two persons in their bedroom with liquor bottles and valuables scattered all over.

When Sanjay raised an alarm, Dhoola’s associate Naresh attacked him with a screw driver. Soon, neighbours rushed in and Dhoola jumped from the seventh floor in an effort to escape. He was killed on the spot, said the police.

Sanjay and his neighbours thrashed Naresh before handing him over to the police.