Making a statement out of bad dancing


The most difficult task for me is to get her ready so that we can leave in time. That is what I don’t like. Rest of it fine,” says Rahul Mahajan about his better half Dimpy who feels, “Rahul shakes his leg so much (100 km/hr) that at times I can feel him panting over the phone. When I ask him to stop, he recedes only for a maximum of five seconds and then starts again!”

Such is the life of Rahul and Dimpy Mahajan who got married in a reality show three years back and are now in news for their current stint in Star Plus Nach Baliye. When the couple was recently in the City to promote the show’s search of 12th jodi through Talaash-e-Baliye, Metrolife caught them in their off-screen avatar.      

While Rahul was as bindaas (as he is onscreen), Dimpy was overshadowed by him, here too. But both agree that appearing in the dance reality show wasn’t a thought through decision. “Nach Baliye was a very impulsive decision. We were out shopping when the channel called us and we said ‘yes’ in haste,” both say and Dimpy adds, “On the first shoot I was very nervous about how Rahul would manage, but he came out with flying colours and we were all on the floor, laughing.”

Rahul, however, had a difficult experience understanding the reason behind laughter. “I told the producers that dance is unnatural. If somebody is zero in dance then I am minus 100. On the first day of rehearsal, our choreographer kept showing me how to do the steps but I couldn’t understand a thing from 10:30 to one in the afternoon, after which I called the producer. I told him I was thinking of running away but he asked me to stay back. When I resumed dancing, everybody started laughing and I was clueless. It was exasperating and I was like, ‘at least tell me what I am doing wrong’.” To this Dimpy replies, “What he does is inexplicable and we just can’t stop laughing. Infact, in my absence, my assistants don’t practice with Rahul out of fear that he might hurt them!”

“Now even my choreographer requests me to dance like Rahul because they know that Rahul won’t be able to get the right step,” she adds laughing but is sad that all her efforts go unseen. “If Rahul dances slightly better then he gets praises but my efforts get overshadowed because everybody ends up looking at him. He is my toughest competitor. We all eagerly wait to see how he plans to conduct a post-mortem of the next step,” she chuckles and Rahul adds, “Sajid (Khan) is my biggest competitor because he is more entertaining.”

Both are still questioned about their unique wedding, “It has been three years. Ab to yakeen karlo that we both are married!” retorts Dimpy and Rahul confesses, “After our elimination, we will go for family planing,” as she nods.

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