Evictees fear for young girls' safety

Evictees fear for young girls' safety

Mariamma (55), one among those evicted from the economically weaker section (EWS) quarters at Ejipura, is uncertain about her future.

Taking refuge inside huge pipes lying near the razed quarters, she said she feared for her young daughter’s safety at night.

“There are many young girls and women who are sleeping out in the open and people have to be alert in guarding them. Safety is a big problem as there is a constant fear of being mugged and assaulted,” she said.

Lakshmi, another evictee, said since there was no electricity, bonfire was the only source of light and heat while they keep vigil at night.

“There are a lot of miscreants who roam the area in the night. Police are not bothered about our safety,” she lamented.

Rani said many residents had been living in the quarters for the past 20 years and had a ration card, Aadhar card and ‘hakku patra’ from the BBMP, which had the EWS quarters address. “Despite possessing all the identity cards, we are now homeless,” she said.

“A resident was robbed of all the savings she had. There is a lot of uncertainity. Many children have stopped going to school as all their belongings have been packed and piled up in a corner at the site,” a volunteer said.