Green calling this season

Green calling this season

Responsible Act

And the noise from crackers can cause high blood pressure, temporary or even permanent deafness? Many forget that Deepavali is a festival of lights, and not of crackers. The need to be a responsible citizen is present all the more during this festival in wake of global warming. There are many simple ways in which you can make the festival as
eco-friendly as possible. With these tips, you can have a green and clean Deepavali

* Wrap gifts in recycled paper.

* Decorate your house with flowers, dupattas, paper streamers and pieces of cloth rather than plastic and artificial decorations.

* Teach your children to light candles and diyas; and burst noiseless crackers like sparklers, chakras and fountains.

* Use non-toxic rangoli colours. You can even use rice powder, turmeric and kumkum powder.

* These not only add a touch of traditional festivity to your decorations, but look stunning as well.  

* Light simple, earthen diyas instead of fancy, embellished ones.

* Use a limited quantity of oil and a cotton wick to light them.

* Use bulbs that consume less electricity and don’t cover your trees and plants with electric lights.

* If you are calling people over for lunch or dinner, use banana leaves and mud glasses instead of plastic cups.

* Dispose the waste from the crackers sensibly. Don’t strew them on the streets.