Drone strikes are 'legal, ethical and wise': US

Drone strikes are 'legal, ethical and wise': US

US drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere have been facing increasing scrutiny and questions from human rights groups.

"That's I think established in a number of cases. So having said that, the issues here are important and the President recognises that. That's why he has authorised various senior administration officials to discuss publicly these issues the way that they have, and why I believe that process will continue," said the White House Press Secretary.

Meanwhile, Pakistan's ambassador to the United States on blasted the Obama administration for continued drone strikes in Fata, calling the violation a "red line" that should not be crossed.

At a meeting with the Christian Science Monitor staff, Sherry Rehman said that drones strikes were "a clear violation of our sovereignty and a violation of international law" that threatened stable relations between the two governments.

She rejected persistent media reports that Pakistan tacitly approved the strikes while denouncing them publicly as untrue.

"Let me assure you that since we have been in government, there has been no quiet complicity, no question of wink and nod," she said.

Rehman argued that the drone strategy "creates more potential terrorists on the ground and militants on the ground instead of taking them out".

"We need to drain the swamp, but instead it is radicalising people," she said.

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