It's all fun and games!

It's all fun and games!

Enthusiastic Participation

It's all fun and games!

The students of Baldwin Women’s Methodist College recently conducted a week-long cultural extravaganza on campus. The cultural week was a huge hit with the students; with plenty of events, fun-filled competitions, interesting themes and bonding, it proved to be the perfect chance for students to let their hair down and have a good time.

Each day of the week had a different theme. Various activities were also slotted for each day, which ensured that there wasn’t a dull moment on campus throughout the week.
On the first day, for instance, the theme was ‘Bollywood Style’. The students indulged in a little celebrity mimicry.

They also had a great time dancing to a medley of songs, each centred around a particular celebrity.

On the second day, the students had to wear anarkalis. Predictably, the girls had a
lot of fun matching different outfits and accessories, choosing the perfect colours and styles. The activity on that day was Western group dance, and it soon became
evident that there was a lot of talent among the students.

Soujanya, a third-year BBM student feels that this year’s cultural week was rather different. “The themes and activities weren’t like the ones we’ve had in the past. The student council’s performance was the best,” she says. The third day witnessed a blast of flower-power, since all the girls came to college sporting floral prints.
 They had an Indian group dance that day, which brought out the grace and talent of many of the students.

The fourth day had two themes — hip-hop as well as ‘Masquerade’, which gave the students a lot of scope to dress up. The fifth day was the much-awaited sari day, and the campus truly transformed into a riot of colour. Students could be seen draped in elegant creations; there was a lot of variety regarding colour and style, and it was truly a sight to behold. There was also a fashion show held on this day; dressed impeccably, the participating students strutted on the ramp and had a great time. The week came to an end with the relative sober theme of ‘Black and White’.
Kanaka, a first-year BCom student, says, “The dress codes and activities were really entertaining. The audience had the time of their lives! In fact, there was a lot of enthusiasm and encouragement from the audience too.”