Simple and frugal lifestyle

Simple and frugal lifestyle

Lent season

Simple and frugal lifestyle

The season of Lent has begun and a lot of Christians, in the City – both young and old – are getting ready to plunge into the 40-day penance before Easter. ‘Ash Wednesday’, which is today, marks the beginning of Lent.

It is that time of the year, when people give up anything that they think is luxury and stick to a simple and frugal lifestyle. It is believed that this cleanses the body and mind. Non-vegetarian food, alcohol, sweets – any item which people feel is a luxury, is

Metrolife spoke to some youngsters to understand how this season of penance makes a difference to their lives.

People look at this season positively and attempt to tweak their rather lavish lifestyle to a healthy routine. Lent is strictly followed among the older folk, who believe in the traditional system. The younger ones too take it seriously, but for them it’s a time to revisit some of their new year resolutions.

Solita Clarabel, a youngster, feels that Lent is a test of one’s spiritual discipline. “All the fasting and penance ends on a high note with Easter. This period is a time for

Victor Allen Paul, a management student, intends to give up non-vegetarian food. “This is my way of showing respect to the meaning and significance of Lent. After this, I will gather a bunch of my friends, for Easter and feast on everything I set my eyes on,” he shares.

A few people don’t give up anything as such but they try to do their bit to make the lives of the less fortunate a little brighter. Alisha, a law student, saves up some money and donates it to a home for the aged or to an orphanage. 

“I don’t follow Lent in its spiritual sense. I don’t buy things I like, which could be anything from chocolates to clothes, and donate that money towards something good,” she reasons.  

Henri Endumbe, an expat, observes, “A lot of people give up what they like and sacrifice all the good things during these 40 days. More than fasting, I will introspect and see what things I’ve missed out on and try to make amends.” 

Rony Samuel, a professional, has decided to give up alcohol and smoking. “This is always my new year resolution. I hope to follow a healthy lifestyle. I am pretty bad when it comes to following my resolution and now I hope to implement it during these 40 days,” he notes.

Dietician and fitness expert Deepa points out that she has a lot of people coming to her during Lent, asking her how they can follow a more healthy lifestyle and stay active.  “For short term diets and healthy routines, one should stick to a balanced diet and consistently stick to it.

People must watch the calories they consume and not the fatty food. Consuming everything in moderate quantities without overdoing it does miracles to one’s body and mind. It’s all about self-discipline,” she says.

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