Bouquet makers wait for rosy Valentine's Day

It is that time of the year again, when love fills the air, especially with hearts in love waiting for the D-day. So much so that, soaring prices of red roses, the symbol of love, seems nothing, when it comes to baring  heart for their loved ones.

The stalls selling flower bouquets at every nook and corner of the city are all geared up hoping to do a roaring business in view of the St Valentine’s day on Thursday. Roses are being brought from Bangalore and other surrounding places and each single red rose wrap sold at Rs 15 in normal days will see a steep hike and may even touch Rs 60 per stalk, say flower vendors.

While the hand bouquets even have a demand on the day, it depends on how many flowers are included in it. A single bouquet with 50 flowers might even cost about Rs 2,000 with fillings of blue-white daisy, babies and others.

Syed Ashraf, a flower merchant at Devaraja Market, told Deccan Herald Dutch roses are the one which are associated with love and city’s requirement per day is 100 boxes (one box-20 roses) which costs nearly Rs 120. Tomorrow the price may hike a bit to Rs 140 to Rs 200. While on February 14, each box will be sold up to Rs 200-250.

Compared to last year, when 800 boxes were sold, he expects to sell at least 1000 boxes this year. He says, apart from his shop, there are other three traders in the market whose total requirements will be 500 boxes.

Though orange, yellow, pink and white roses are sold on the day, red rose tops them all. As much as 80 per cent of roses are got from Bangalore while from Ooty, roses along with others flowers are imported. “The production of roses has not been effected by the dought in state, but there was considerable more production,” he added.

Nagendra having his shop near Ballal circle and into business since 12 years, said that he gets 50 boxes of roses per three days, but on the Valentine day alone, he brings 100 boxes and almost everything is sold. He explained that single wrap roses sale will be high than bouquets. Demand for bouquets will shoot up.

Nagendra says, few boys ask for bouquet of only red rose without fillings. “Mostly they do not want their love to be disturbed with other colours!,” he says jocularly.

He said, not only couple, few children buy flowers for thier parents also. Being symbol of love, rose is not restricted only to romantic relationship but also of all affectionate relationship.

He added: The roses which costed Rs 10 till few days ago, is now Rs 15 as the export to foreign countries as well as to other states within country from Bangalore has increased. Roses are got from Bangalore while filling and other decorative flowers arrive from Ooty.

Suresh who is into the business since 18 years and has his shop at Vontikoppal, near CFTRI, says  though the lack of rain has not paralysed the production of roses severely, somewhere it also might be a reason for hike in rose price.

  Srinidhi, selling flowers since five years says, the day is considered to be precious for those in love and they are very much particular about presenting rose along with any other gifts.

Rithvik, a student of University of Mysore, finds that gifting flower to his paramour is more sacred, apart from gifting other items on that day. 

Gifts centres are also thronged by youth and teens in large numbers. This year’s specialities on gift stands include soft toy rose, musical heart pillows, blooming expressions (a flower which blooms with music with a note of ‘I love you’), crystal roses and few innovative greeting cards.

Heart pillows, chocolates, musical couple, perfumes, blooming couple, love scrolls, love baskets, teddy bears, couple key chain, small book with quotes, heart candles, musical love spring gift box and also greeting cards attract youth to gift to their beloved.

Though staff at gift shop claim that their sales is high on February 13 and 14, they add that many items have already been sold out.   Divyashree, a BEd student mentions that though e-cards, messages have dominated wishes of Valentine’s day, buying a card for the occasion makes her excited.

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