Fresh grills on a platter

Balancing flavours

The onset of spring is just the perfect ambience to enjoy fresh grills, coated with global marinades.

And the ‘Global Grills’ at the Polo Club, The Oberoi offers just that.
Marinades like harissa, chermoula, chimicuri, piri piri, ‘jerk mix’ and teriyaki  coated on the fresh catch is an irresistible combination  and come with a rustic feel. The grills are served with exotic drinks.

Interestingly, the marinades combine the tastes of various cultures, regions and flavours.

For instance, marinades such as harissa and chermoula have a Moroccan flavour.
Chef Gautam, who designed the menu, explains, “The grills have a combination of a selection of rubs as well as marinades. There are a lot of home-made ingredients that have been added to the marinades and I have improvised a lot. In the chermoula, I have added mint chutney along with Moroccan spices and some cumin powder. Similarly the piri piri has chilli flakes, ginger and garlic. I wanted to give a very rustic feel to the dishes — a peasant feel. The ingredients suit the concept.”
What adds to the brilliant flavour and the even taste in the meat is the grill.
 A closed lid placed on top of the grill allows the heat and the flavour to circulate around. The grills from the vegetarian section include teriyaki shiitake, tofu and barbecue vegetarian skewer. The sea food section is full of variety and has loads to choose from.

Tiger prawns, which are coated with delicious harissa marinade, are succulent. The freshness of the catch adds to the taste. Fresh water scampi, which is coated with
chermoula marinade; rock lobster cooked with lemon and grilled; Cochin Bay grouper coated with herbs, lemon and pepperoncini and Scottish salmon coated with teriyaki or miso are in the offing at the sea-food grill section.

The barbequed chicken skewers with a signature barbecue marinade are cooked to perfection. Tender and aromatic, sauces like garlic curd enhance its taste.
The poultry section also has corn-fed chicken, New Zealand lamb chops and shish kebab with pita and vegetables. Creamed spinach is perfect to balance these flavours. The delicious platter has the making of a perfect spring evening. The fresh grills can be enjoyed till February 24, from 7 pm.

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