Time a hindrance to plan strategies

Lack of information on voters lists makes campaigning difficult

The countdown is on for the elections to the local bodies, but the job of finalising the wardwise statistics of voters is not complete.

The lists of voters are always available at the tahsildar’s office, but the main hurdle these elections is the shortage of time to prepare the voters’ lists. Therefore, wardwise statistics of voters at the two city municipal councils and four town municipal councils in the district are not out yet. Sources related to the election branch at the deputy commissioner’s office have said they would require at least a week’s time to bring out the list.

Old list

Applying the wardwise list and statistics of voters as per the 2007 municipal polls will prove problematic for the voters as well as the candidates, one of whom said campaigning would also become difficult if they are unaware about the statistics till at least a week from now.

“The Deputy Commissioner has already instructed that the officers and staff in charge of election work consider the applications submitted so far by the citizens to add their names to the voters’ lists. The staff at the tahsildars’ offices will therefore have to work really hard to bring out the exact list,” said a staff member.

Comparison needed

“It is now inevitable to compare the old lists of voters with the new applications to prepare the new lists,” said the staff member.

“Shortage of time is a major hindrance. We have to prepare the statistics of voters going by the wards and also provide all information and equipment related to the elections. Working overtime will become inevitable,” concurred a staff member of the election branch.

Several me­mbers of the City Municipal Council were seen visiting the Deputy Commissioner’s office recently to gather information regarding voters, since the election schedules are on display since Friday.

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