Beduhabba celebrated at Kundabetta

Beduhabba celebrated at Kundabetta

It was an enchanting scene to witness people dancing with artificial horses tied to their waists.

Sannuvanda and Maneyapanda families organise this fest where hundreds of people from the surrounding areas take part.

Teetamada Subbaiah with the ‘horse’ of Maneyapanda family and Mandrira Chinnappa with the ‘horse’ of Sannuvanda family climbed the Kundabetta by 1 pm, who were followed by hundreds of localites.

The hill has an ancient temple, said to be of the time of Pandavas. The crowd had three circumambulation to the temple and offered a pooja.

Beduhabba is celebrated on the next day of Cauvery Sankramana every year. This is the first Beduhabba of southern Kodagu. Though the temple trustees Sannuvanda and Maneyapanda families conduct this celebrations, all localites join them.

Dancing with artificial horses is the special feature of the fest. The horses are made from canes which will be decorated with colourful clothes. They are tied to the waiste of the people. When they dance, the viewers feel that they are riding the actual horses.