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Terrible Condition
Last Updated 19 February 2013, 12:48 IST

It looks as though the constant criticism and complaints regarding the appalling condition of the City’s roads have fallen on deaf ears. Despite tall claims by the BBMP, the roads still remain laden with potholes and patchy tarmac.

What’s more, Bangaloreans aren’t the only ones who complain about this problem. Visitors from other cities and countries, who travel to the City, are equally critical about the issue.

Those who travel on two-wheelers are particularly affected by patchy and uneven roads, since constantly driving on them can even lead to back problems. “The roads are in a terrible condition near Hosmat Hospital — and they have been for almost a year now. It’s even worse as one reaches the signal that leads to lower Agram Road."

"These roads are broken and have huge potholes. For people like me, who travel on two-wheelers, getting from one place to another is quite a task. I am sure that the City administration knows about this, yet no action has been taken,” says Akash, a professional, adding, “the same goes for the road in front of the RBANMS Ground in Ulsoor. The tar coating has worn off and huge patches of the road are broken.”

Roads in Devinagar, next to the Hebbal Big Bazaar, are in a similar condition. Residents frequently complain of bumps, potholes and uneven tarring. “The roads are very bad, and have been in a similar state for a year now. They have been dug up and left like that. Moreover, that entire stretch has huge potholes. The welfare association of our apartment has complained to the local leader, but these complaints have fallen on deaf ears. The roads continue to be a big bother,” says Kedarnath, a resident of that area.

Other stretches which are in dire need of repair include Victoria Road, near Richmond Circle; streets in the first phase of JP Nagar and the entire stretch of Hosur Road. Since they are ridden with potholes, accidents are alarmingly common in these areas.
While there are some roads in the City that are getting a fresh coat of tar, many still lie unattended. Bangaloreans also point out that 80 Feet Peripheral Road, from Vivek Nagar to the National Games Village, is one of the busiest stretches during peak hours, as well as one of the worst maintained. “It is impossible to pass by that road without losing balance on a two-wheeler at least once. Even if someone is slightly distracted, he will end up landing in one of the several potholes,” says Manas, who regularly commutes on that stretch.

Dinesh, a resident of Kamanahalli, adds that the roads in his area are also in a battered condition and need immediate attention. “The roads are so bad that the entire area is a battle zone during peak hours. The government should certainly think about providing the citizens of Bangalore with better amenities — especially in terms of the roads,” he adds. K T Nagaraj, super engineer (roads) of the east division of the BBMP, says that the body has already begun applying a fresh coat of tar to some of the major roads in the City, and this work will soon extend to other arterial roads as well.

(Published 19 February 2013, 12:48 IST)

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