Women opting for surgery for arthritis

Women opting for surgery for arthritis

Knee replacements more common

Surgeries are the last option in treating arthritis but due to awareness, more women are now coming forward for joint replacement surgeries. "The awareness about the treatment has increased. As a result, the incidence of women going for knee replacement surgeries has doubled over the last decade," said Dr Raj Chakravarty, Head of Department of Orthopaedics at Manipal Hospital.

Lately, he says, there is also a rise in younger women coming with arthritis. "Previously, we used to have women above 60 years with arthritis. Now women in their 40s come with symptoms of arthritis," he said.

According to Dr Srinivas J V, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospital, Bannerghatta, the rise in women coming for surgery has increased by 40 per cent year after year.


Citing the reasons for this, he said, "Apart from increased awareness, people see other patients recovering well after surgery. Also, the affordability has also increased. Young people are ready to spend on the surgeries as they do not want their parents dependent on them."

He revealed that out of the 498 surgeries that the hospital had conducted last year, nearly 65 per cent were women. However, arthritis as a disease is only going to increase due to increased life-expectancy rate amongst women.