The world at your doorstep

The world at your doorstep


The world at your doorstep

These days, unless you walk into a typically traditional restaurant or a cafe, you are unlikely to observe any ethnic decor set-ups. More and more designers are turning towards western design and decor and why not — if it works well.

I walk into a Delhi restaurant which boasts of a subtle combination of wood and metal. The place is neatly divided into sections called the laboratory, library, cafeteria and an amphitheatre — all living up to its image — with Greek style outdoors and white drapes and wooden bleachers. Yes, indeed, more and more decor set-ups are now inspired by international styles.

“The world’s most prestigious global luxury brands are expanding their footprints in India. Many leading global luxury brand marketers have started taking the Indian market seriously. India is poised for a big leap in luxury segment”, says Praveen Rao, Vice President-Operations of an international trading house. Meticulously handpicked edition pieces, objects d’art, furniture accessories and gifts items from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Hong Kong, UK and USA now have a demand in the Indian market.

Room for change

You may either want to change the look of one particular room or perhaps opt for an overall change of decor. However, bear in mind that contemporary means straight lines, neat cuts and fewer knick knacks. Pay attention to the colour as well. If you travel, you can actually pick up the best and authentic decor elements from choicest places. However, do not clutter just in a frenzy to add as many decor items. You may want to remove certain objects when bringing in some new pieces to the house. Local markets too have some very beautiful pieces that can add to the look of your home. The market has a range of Italian furniture and decor items and home furnishing solutions for the modern home. Keep an eye on the auctions and garage sales that expats hold in your city. You can pick up some masterpieces from such places.

For a change in the look, consider replacing your old tiles. Go for mosaic or porcelain tiles that are durable, cost-effective and can bring in the look you desire. Another option is the matrix tile, which is organic, soft, and vintage but at the same time, edgy and modern. Also consider rustic and matt tiles for a swanky look. These glitzy tiles are the newest alternatives to recent decor traditions. They have a timeless look of elegance and class and bring shimmer and sparkle to your floors. These tiles have an application of lappato finish making them stain and scratch-free.

Slice of Italy

The Italians are famous for a whole movement in art and design from ancient times. The frescoes and life-like forms created during the Renaissance movement still influence design and decor trends internationally. One may have heard a lot about Italian marble, but Italian decor is much more than that. Usher in a slice of Italy into your homes by introducing anything from rustic Tuscan to ultra modern Murano glass. Italian lighting styles are influenced by the Italian Renaissance as well as the Art Deco period.
Murano glass creates a clean, modern feel to any design. It comes in a multitude of colours, varieties and ranges, from elaborate chandelier and ceiling fixtures to simple side table lamps and sleek accent lights. Made with traditional glass blowing methods, using glass and gold powder, their making too is a feast for the eyes. For a casual ambience to your home, add Tuscan-influenced lighting.

Tuscan lighting fixtures have a rustic flair and work well with antiques, wood floors, terracotta tiles and colourful linens. Black wrought iron chandeliers create a stately focal point over a dining room table. Wrought iron sconces serve as subtle mood lighting along dark hallways or recessed corners. Gold Tuscan fixtures add a hint of shine to any casual design style.

Call of the wild

The warmth of earthy tones, the call of the wild and the sunshine are all you have to keep in mind when doing up your home the African way. The best way is to start off with an off white, beige, sandstone or similar colour and use it as a canvas to display African accessories which by themselves can be very loud and captivating. African accessories such as baskets, decorative picture frames, art, textiles, masks, sculptures can add a focal point as they are usually huge and colourfully done.  Drapes too could carry the theme with cultural figures, motifs, geometric patterns and wildlife prints.

French connection

The French is a subtle and delicate style to implement. Intricate table linens to fine stationery, cutlery to stylish cotton throws can add a classic French look to your interiors. Also look out for highly sought-after antiques from the Provence region perhaps. The kitchen can house some sleek olive and dressing bottles and the windows garnished with small colourful pots with small flowers peeping out. “I picked some amazing breakfast accessories like a bread box, a butter case, buns and a bread plate and we look forward to the pleasure of having breakfast together with the French stuff, all beautifully spread on the table,” says Gareema Rustagi from Mumbai.

Easily available

Well, you needn’t all the time travel to distant places to collect the art pieces, drapes from and furniture. You can very well source them in India as well. There are many stores that house the works of celebrated artistes. Divya Amit from Bangalore loves to pick up antiques and fine artefacts from just about anywhere she spots it. “Some of my favourite artefacts have not been purchased from fine galleries or boutiques but quaint shops that often go unnoticed,” she says.

Another Italian rendition is the silverware. The Italians who are fine silversmiths bring the influence of their art techniques to create beautiful objects d’art.

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