UP doc kills wife through insulin overdose

Lethal plan

When Ritu Kapoor breathed her last at a hospital here in 2012,  doctors had taken it to be a case of natural death. Though a postmortem was later conducted on the request of her parents, nothing suspicious could be found.

The police had however preserved her viscera for further examination after her family suspected that she might have been murdered.

A few months later their suspicion turned out to be true. The death had been caused by an overdose of insulin.

The accused, Dr Avadh Kapoor, allegedly administered insulin to his wife, who was not diabetic, over a period of time while his wife never suspected any foul play. Ritu was pregnant when she was allegedly murdered. According to Ritu’s family members, Avadh had an extramarital affair and wanted to eliminate his wife.

Ritu was taken to hospital when her condition deteriorated. Upon examination, doctors failed to conclude on the reasons for her condition. She died the next day.

While the doctors were preparing to hand over her body, Ritu’s family suspected foul play and demanded a postmortem. Though the postmortem did not reveal any foul play, the viscera report revealed unusually high dose of insulin.  “The insulin in the viscera was found to be much more than normal,” said the SP Rajesh Kumar. Kumar said that a case has been registered and further investigations are on.

Insulin overdose can be extremely dangerous.

The body needs glucose to carry out all its functions, and when insulin levels fall too low, a person may have seizures, lose consciousness or go into a coma. Insulin overdose can result in death if not treated promptly.

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