'Catholics will never indulge in conversion'

'Catholics will never indulge in conversion'

In an interview to Deccan Herald, he said human values are fast vanishing in this world. There is a need to bridge the minds. Excerpts from an interview

* Is there is a solution for religious fundamentalism?

 Absolutely there is. We need to observe God and religion and try to understand the messages. If all of us try to understand the simple message, then there no question of confusion. When one understands the simple message that all are children of God, then are we not like brothers? Can I harm my brothers and sisters?

* Do you think the gap between Islam and Christians is increasing?

We are trying our level best to bridge the gap between two religions. Now even our Pope Benedict  XVI  is also for bridging the gap and has developed rapport with  Islamic scholars. Unlike Christians, Islam does not have one person as religious head.
This makes us question as to with whom we initiate  talks. Several Muslim leaders have responded positively in this regard.
In Christianity there is a clear-cut divide between religious aspects and social aspects, Church will never interfere in any government administration. In Islam such demarcation is not there hence this is a constraint to bridge the gap.

* How do we bridge the gap?

Both Christians and followers of Islam need to understand  both  of these religions and must respect,  honour sentiments of one another.

‘Love thy neighbour’ is the message of Jesus. There will be no confusion if one understands this messsage.

*Why has Catholic Church   not given highest position to women?

We are followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ had lot of respect and reverence for women. Jesus has not named any woman as his close aides during his time and Catholics will adhere to Jesus’ order and practice and there was no decision in the present circumstance to give them high religious position.  We can not tell that the same tradition will continue in the future.

* Is it true that Catholic organisations are  indulging in conversion?

Its false. We are Catholics and we will never indulge in forcible conversion.

*Do you support conversion?

Forcible conversions should not be encouraged. However, we do not have any right to prevent a person who wishes to join Christianity voluntarily.  It is their religious freedom.

* What are the issues that  hurt you?

The world is developing at a fast pace. However, at the same time, human values are vanishing. We live as if we do not have any relationship with each other. There is a need to instill human values.

* Whether church will change its stand on divorce?

It will never change. Church will not accept divorce. Those who do not understand the sanctity of marriage are developing the culture of divorce. According to Jesus boy and girl were two different body. However, after marriage they become  one sharing the blood and flesh.