Disgruntled UP cops slam system on social sites

Disgruntled UP cops slam system on social sites

 When a deputy superintendent of police had alleged a few months ago that the entire police department in the state, including its chief, was corrupt and that bribes had to be paid for transfers, he found no buyers for his claim.

The administration chose to order an inquiry against him rather than investigate the charges.

The candid remarks by the then DSP V K Sharma had sent shock waves in the police department, but no one chose to stand by him.

However, the recent killing of Kunda DSP Zia-ul-Haque has shaken the conscience of the cops in the state. They have now chosen to take to social networking sites to vent out their anger and frustration over the prevailing system.

President of the provincial police service association Jugal Kishore Tewari, in a post on Facebook, has blamed senior officials for the prevailing mess.

“As long as there are officials on the top who are slave of the corrupt regime, casteist, honest but lacking guts to oppose wrong deeds and ill-mannered, one can not expect any improvement in the situation”, Tewari wrote on Facebook.

Another cop, also using Facebook as the platform, said the “entire system has been hijacked by the brokers”.

“There are brokers, who decide which police inspector should be posted in which police station or which criminal should not be sent to jail”, posted Vinod Sirohi, an inspector at Muzaffarnagar kotwali.

“The remarks by the cops reflect the inner feelings of the police personnel in the state. They are bound by discipline but now they have chosen to put forth what they really feel”, said a senior member of the association.

In October last year, DSP V K Sharma had charged the then police chief with demanding bribes for transferring cops. In a span of one year, from July 2011 to August 2012, Sharma had been transferred as many as 11 times.

His average tenure at a particular place was around two months.