'I want to be part of different stories'

'I want to be part of different stories'

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'I want to be part of different stories'

After making his mark on the small screen, Vishwas Bharadwaj is all set to play a lead role on the big screen for the first time with Pagade. But this will not be the first time he will be facing the camera for the big screen.

“I have done many character roles before but my patience has finally paid off as I get to play the lead,” Vishwas tells Metrolife.

So what took him so long? “Well, I always wanted to be part of good cinema and I was playing very interesting character roles. But when it comes to playing the role of a hero, I wanted my debut to be different. When I heard the story of Pagade, I knew this would be something that I would be proud of,” he adds.

The movie, directed by Pusurhsottam B A, is a romantic suspense-thriller. Without revealing too much about the film, Vishwas says that the audience will be on the edge of their seats throughout the movie.

“Trust me, the entire film is shot in a very classy manner. The last 20 minutes of the climax is simply breathtaking,” he says.

The character he plays in the film has many shades and Vishwas says that preparing for the role was a challenge in itself. “I don’t want any shortcomings from my side. So I prepared a lot for my role, be it in terms of my looks or my behaviour. I paid attention to every single detail,” he says.

Vishwas also adds that being a part of a suspense thriller has its set of challenges. “The biggest challenge is in the performance itself. If this was a run-of-the-mill love story, with the hero and heroine running around the trees, it would not be noticed as much. But with Pagade, every little thing will be noticed. Each scene is important,” he adds. And Vishwas wants to continue this trend even in his future projects. “I want to be part of different stories. The next time people see me in a movie, they should know that is not an ordinary film,” he signs off.