Shoes for every occasion

Shoes for every occasion

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Shoes for every occasion

Ruosh announced the launch of its new collection of limited edition shoes at the Vittal Mallya store recently, with designer Ramesh Dembla hosting the preview.
A few rounds of a style walk were conducted, which saw renowned male models of the City showcasing the new collection.

What stood out about the shoes was the uniqueness of each look – the collection has 25 different styles and colours for different categories – work, casual, weddings, club and occasion.

While contemporary in style, they add a certain class to the outfit.  “Normally, you have to go to different showrooms to find good pairs of shoes that you know will last long. Here, you can find classy, comfortable and affordable shoes under one roof. I loved the collection – the sandals, shoes and even loafers are all beautiful,” shares Ramesh adding that he had plans to buy himself eight to ten pairs. 

The collection boasts of some styles which have two tone finishes. Another technique used is dip-dying, which can be seen in the pair of blue derby casual shoes that have a rustic finish. The range has been handcrafted by master craftsmen so that each of them is unmatched and distinct. While the shoes are made in Bangalore itself, the materials are sourced from all around the world – from Italy and Brazil to Argentina and Australia.

“We are targetting the 28-32 age groups, because as per our research, that is when one’s personal style is really developed. It is for a man who values style over the trend of the season and is a style connoisseur even in terms of his lifestyle in general,” explains Mohini Binepal, business head, Ruosh.

She adds, “For the kind of premium leather, variety and finish offered to the customer, the shoes are very well priced.

 Even in terms of the designs, international trends as well as our own sensibilities are brought in. Each shoe takes six to nine months to make, depending on the complexity of the style.”