A paradise for chocolate lovers

A paradise for chocolate lovers

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A paradise for chocolate lovers

Cafe Chocolade’, which is located in Basavangudi, is a haunt where chocolate lovers can indulge their taste buds with a variety of delicious dishes.

The eatery is always buzzing with college students who study nearby and drop in after classes, asking for different types of chocolate shakes and other chocolate-based fare.

The eatery is especially popular for its chocolate drinks. But there are a host of other options on the menu as well.

For those who want instant energy and an extra dose of chocolate, ‘chocolade B’ is the answer — made with chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, brownies, cookies  and topped with chocolate shavings, it is the best way to satisfy a craving for chocolate. ‘Hazelnut chocolade’, which is a similar dish, also has a generous sprinkling of dry fruits. Chocolate shots are available for those who want to enjoy pure chocolate sans any hindrance.

Omkar Dutt, who owns the cafe, says that the students from in and around the area drop in pretty often. “The eatery is packed in the evening as many students come here after their classes are over. During lunch time, a few come over for a quick shake or a sandwich. Almost everyone likes chocolate and hence, these items sell like hot cakes,” he says.

For those who are looking to go beyond chocolate, there are many other items that can be sampled like the ‘chilli garlic potato pops’. Crunchy and delicious, they go well with the shakes as well. ‘Cheese shots’ are also very popular and served with a tangy tomato chutney. Crispy aloo tikki, served with salad and a chutney and tandoori nuggets, which are deep-fried potato balls, serve as great snacks.
However, the most popular item on the menu is the chocolate sandwich, which is grilled with melted and shredded chocolate and served with a liberal sprinkling of chocolate shavings on top.

 The eatery also offers various types of combos such as ‘chocolade B’ with french fries or the ‘hazelnut chocolade’ and aloo tikki. The shakes can also be combined with the sandwich or the potato nuggets.

“Generally, people like to have something to munch on when they order a shake. The combos save money and people get to try a new dish,” says Omkar, adding, “the eatery has been doing well and many of these students invite me to their college fests to sell my shakes and sandwiches there.”

He likes to add a personal touch to his dishes and often, he’s the one who prepares the dishes. The eatery is located at No. 17, North Public Square, near Basavangudi Post Office. For details, call 9035173199.