Baby laughing

There is one cat who will shout
meow, meow, meow,
there is a dog who will shout
bow, bow, bow,
there is a crow who will shout
caw, caw, caw,
there is a cow who will shout
amba, amba, amba,
there is a nice baby
it sees all and laughs

7th std.
Anjana Vidya Kendra School


I went to a play
where they had a slave of hay
he had ten heads
while everyone ate bread
The place was very bright
all covered in lights
everyone was flying kites
while fire works were blasted
everyone lit hydrogen bombs
ext to fake gnomes
everyone brought rockets
which were in their pockets
there was loud music
he was holding a fire arrow
and down fell the statue

Nikit Bobba


O my friend
you come and stand like a rock
and help me with my work
If you are there
I will not sink,
I will be coloured like ink!,
You make me happy
you are so sweet, you are so good
you are so kind, I can’t find
anyone like you, until the end
you are a ladder
to help in my future

R. Pavan Kumar
VIII ‘B’, Sri Kumaran’s School
R.M. Nagar