Future schools? THANK HEAVEN FOR no more uniforms!

Future schools? THANK HEAVEN FOR no more uniforms!

When school starts the bell won't ring but the hi-tech watches that our schools would have provided to each student will beep! (this will also happen when the period ends). After getting to our lockers (yes we finally have lockers!) by the means of jet shoes the schools would have provided or escalators or elevators (no more walking all the way to the class room!) the teacher tells us to write a long essay

BORING! But what if we did not have to write it in pens or pencils but type it in our own personal laptops!! Wow! Well this dream will become a reality in all future schools! After all those periods comes lunch. But there won't be any lunchboxes and canteens but restaurants, cafe's and bakeries. There will be fast food (me Donald's, pizza hut), Chinese, south Indian and north Indian restaurants (Each floor will have one of these restaurants, a cafe' selling ice cream of every kind and other spectacular deserts and a bakery selling fresh cakes, chips, and other mouth watering snacks.) After lunch there will be a couple of periods and then all schools will have GAMES period! (This will be extended to 2 hours in all schools)

We will have all the normal sports like cricket, football, volleyball, basketball.....etc
But what if we had brand new and fantastic sports like motor racing (with go karts), swimming, hockey, Kayaking, archery and much, much more!!......... Well yet again this will all come true in all the new and improved schools of the future!!! After all that fun (not to mention sweaty and dirty) playing of many a game everybody will long for a nice cool shower. Well this dream will become reality in the future (yes everything is future, future, future)

All schools will have exactly one hundred (or more) Shower rooms (no need to wait) scattered around the grounds of the school in groups of twenty. Beep, beep goes our watch after a lovely day of school (I can't believe I am saying that!)
There won't be any ugly yellow buses but beautiful, elegant and classy Limousines or Mercedes Benz cars to take us home!! By the way did I mention that there are no more uniforms!! I love the future! Don't you??