Ten Little Postcards from Heaven

Ten Little Postcards from Heaven

We only have to open it and such a powerful spell comes out of it that you will be spellbound in seconds!

My treasure chest has ten awesome musical jewels that everyone must discover before they are ten, and even after!

-When it seems as if all the world’s rattlesnakes are squeezing you hard and trying to gobble you up, listen to Gandhiji’s favourite

music – Vaishnava janato tene kahiye, and it will calm you in seconds! It will even feed those rattlesnakes and drive them away!

-You must listen to Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 5th symphony when you want to feel the awesome gift of heaven falling upon your head without an invitation!

-And how can you miss Beethoven’s Ninth symphony (which he created when he was going deaf) to remind you that anything you want to do can be accomplished if only you try hard enough! It also makes you feel as if the world’s most magical secrets of tenderness and kindness are looking for you and have found you!

-Then there is Handel’s Messiah which seems to coax you to remove all hard, controlling, carping and biting baggage from your life, so that love can sneak in.

-If you have to weep over some awful sorrow, try this music which seems to give you company by weeping with you! It is Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in E Minor, Op. 64 by Mendelssohn. You will also be hooked by his Wedding March from ‘’A
Midsummer Night’s Dream’’.

-On a boring, dull day if you want to feel as if the rain, the clouds, the blustering heat and even the snow, the rivers, the skies and the seas are speaking to you one after the other, you should listen to The Four Seasons, one of the most enchanting scores by Antonio Vivaldi. No one can afford to miss these magnificent seasons of a music that seeps into your soul and makes it hum.

-Any sacred music will begin to speak to you when the dark sorrow of life seems to silence you.

Agnus Dei is a score composed by many composers like Barber, Handel and others. It always seems to be talking to me saying ‘’Nothing bad lasts for ever and happy days are just around the corner.’’ Even if it seems as if seven or eight very persistent vampires are clouding my life, Agnus Dei sends them away very firmly!

-If you are waiting for a letter or an email that never comes, listen to Beethoven’s adorable Fur Elise. You will feel the amazing postcard from heaven gently seeping into your heart.

-An unusual sacred melody also lurks in the music boxes of all cat lovers.
The purring of a cat is very good for dealing with bullies, badgering and browbeating.

-On a really ghastly day, when nothing seems to work, to drive away the rust and the rubble, and the vampires are still standing at your front door, try the magnificent and mellifluous music of silence!