BJP gets majority in CMC, Koppa, Sringeri town panchayats

Congress wins 57 seats out of 148 in Chikmagalur
Last Updated 11 March 2013, 18:54 IST

The voters of in Malnad have supported the BJP and in plateau region have supported the Congress in the elections to the ULBs in Chikmagalur. The voters have not shown their mercy on the JD(S) and the KJP in the district.

The BJP has won clear majority in Chikmagalur CMC, Sringeri and Koppa Town panchayats. The Congress has won majority in the Kadur TMC. Birur TMC, Tarikere TMC, Mudigere and NR Pura Town panchayats are hanging in balance with none of the political party found clear majority.  The Congress has won 57 seats out of 148 in eight ULBs in the district. The BJP has won 53 seats, JD(S)—15 and KJP—6. As many as 18 independent candidates have won seats. The BSR Congress and the CPM failed to open its account in the district.


There are 35 wards in Chikmagalur CMC. By winning 18 seats, the BJP has retained its power. The Congress has won 10 seats and will be the opposition in the CMC. Compared to last year, the Congress has won additional two seats in the elections. The JD(S) which had won five seats in the last CMC election had to be content with two seats. Five independents have won the elections.

Sringeri TP

The BJP had won the second term in Sringeri TP by winning six seats.
There are 11 wards in the TP. The Congress won 4 and the JD(S)—1.


The Koppa TP has 11 members. The BJP has won six seats and the Congress—4, JD(S)1.


Kadur TMC has 23 wards. The Congress has won 13 seats. JD(S)—5, KJP—2, BJP—1, independents—2


None of the political party found a clear majority in the Birur TMC. Out of 23 seats, the Congress—11, BJP—8, JD(S)—2, KJP—1 and independent—1.


The total strength in Tarikere TMC is 23. The Congress won—10, JD(S)—2, KJP—2 and independents—9. 

N R Pura

None of the political party could fetch a majority in the Narasimharajapura Town panchayat. The BJP and the Congress won four seats each, JD(S)—2 and independent—1.


There are 11 wards in Mudigere town panchayats. As none found a clear majority, the administration hangs in a balance. BJP has won five seats, Congress—5, and independent—1. Here, independent will play a decisive role while electing the president and deputy.

(Published 11 March 2013, 18:54 IST)

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