'It is my desire to be number one'

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Last Updated 14 March 2013, 18:14 IST

He is raconteur par excellence. And his list of stories is inexhaustible.

Jeffrey Archer sees stories all around him and he weaves them together in his novels. There are several stories running in his head and in his thoughts all the time.

He has lived and seen many controversies, but what gives Archer that extra zing to move around and write in the same flow as he did in his prime years? “It is my desire to be number one that keeps me going,” he tells Metrolife even as he was getting ready to promote his latest book ‘Best Kept Secret’ in the City.

Archer, who signed more than 2,000 copies in Mumbai, was hoping to sign even more in Bangalore.

Ask him how easy or tough it is to sit down and write a book, Archer says, “In a novel, you have to tie together the many threads; a short story is faster in that sense of the term.” Talking about his latest work, Archer says that this book was third in the ‘The Clifton Chronicles’ series and once he got all the characters in place, the story just flowed seamlessly.

Archer has that unmistakable charm about him and commands the same attention that he did in his younger days.

He has been through several highs and lows but he used every moment, including his stint in the prison, to churn out stories.

Ask him about his political career and he says, “I was never too much of a politician. I am a writer and will always be one.”

No wonder, Archer has a lot of young people flocking to him, perhaps for a handshake, to get him to sign a copy of his book or for a quick piece of advice. Archer has an observation about young writers in India.

“There are a lot of young writers in India and I think the number here exceeds than those in the United States. The numbers are impressive but not everyone can succeed,” he reasons.

Ask him what it takes for a young writer to succeed and he says without a pause, “Hard work.”  

(Published 14 March 2013, 12:38 IST)

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